Continental SPRINTER GATORKIN 700X25

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Continental Sprinter Gatorskin tubular

The Continental Sprinter Gatorskin tubular combines the key features of Continental's very popular Gatorskin clincher with Black Chili compound and puncture protection Duraskin. Inheriting the best qualities of the GatorSkin clincher, namely the durable carbon black tread mixture, the effective puncture protection breaker layer and the DuraSkin® anti-cut fabric. The Sprinter GatorSkin itself features the typically comfortable and light feel of a tubular tire.

If you like the ride characteristics of tubulars but want a more durable tire, this is the one for you. Perfect for during early season training when the roads are in the worst shape, or even racing when the roads are too tough for racing-specific tires.

Black with Duraskin sidewall and Black Chili compound. Available as a 22mm width (300g weight) and a 25mm width (320g weight)

• 3 plies / total 180 tpi + Safetysystem Breaker (Nylon-Kevlar) + Duraskin
• Colour: Black+Duraskin sidewall
• Recommended inflation: 110 psi
• Maximum inflation: 170 psi

Sizes: 25mm

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