Finish Line Wax Lubricant 120ML

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Finish Line Wax Lubricant goes on Wet, but dries to a hard, dry, super-slick Wax film. No oily greasy film to attract or absorb dust and dirt. DuPont's metal bonding Krytox lubricating film in combination with M2 molybdenum, specialized waxes, and more, make Wax Lube even slicker, quieter and longer lasting. Wax Lube requires more frequent application, but your drivetrain will remain nearly contaminant-free, so cleaning before relubing is not usually required. Drivetrain parts that stay this clean last longer and work better. Perfect for cyclists who value cleanliness over all else.
  • A wax-style lube that goes on wet and then dries to a heard, dry wax to resist dirt attraction and absorption and deliver maximum performance in the dirtiest of conditions
  • Maximum cleanliness, no oil film
  • Formulated with DuPont's super slick Krytox lubricant
  • Sets up dry and hard to repel contaminants so parts run clean and stay clean
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