Endura Windchill Glove Women's

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Wind is an enemy on the road, and Windchill is the solution for you. The windproof and elasticised inserts on the back, the gel padding and the Palmistry design on the palm combine to guarantee maximum comfort during the winter kilometers. The key to Palmistry ™ technology is the way in which the natural folds of the palm create the ergonomics of the padding and the grip, ensuring grip on the handlebars. The gel padding with silicone inserts where you need it most offer a more comfortable and safe driving experience.

  • Windproof softshell on the back with brushed lini.ng.
  • Palmistry ™ technology with gel padding.
  • Silicone print on palm and fingers for extra grip.
  • Close-fitting stretch cuff.
  • Reflective inserts.
  • Sponge inserts dry sweat on the fingers.
  • E-Swipe touchscreen on the fingers.
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