Vredestein Aventura Cross/Gravel Tubeless Ready

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Vredestein has developed a brand-new tyre for the gravel bicycle segment. Dubbed the Vredestein Aventura, the tyre is the perfect choice for gravel cyclists looking for more adventure, wanting to go either off the beaten path far from the bustle of the city or take their bicycle for a short spin on the tarmac. From concrete roads to gravel roads, and even on grass and loose earth, the Vredestein Aventura ensure a good grip on every surface.

Adaptability : The Aventura features a chained central section that ensures optimal grip and low rolling resistance. The interlocking shoulder cleats provide stability round corners and excellent feedback. The triangular cleats adapt to lots of different surfaces, providing grip on anything from concrete roads to gravel roads, and even on grass and loose earth. The Aventura’s 120 TPI casing provides lower rolling resistance and comfort in a wide range of conditions.

Tubeless Ready : The Aventura comes in a Tubeless Ready (TLR) version, although riders can also opt for a standard tube set-up. Vredestein has incorporated its proven anti-puncture system, known as the Sportex Protection Layer (SPL),which in combination with the TLR set-up minimises the risk of puncturing. The Tubeless Ready set-up adds to a lower rolling resistance, increased comfort & grip and maximum puncture protection. Running without a tube enables the tyre to deform easier, improving grip on loose soil and unpaved roads.

TriComp technology : Vredestein brings its’ proven TriComp technology to the gravel scene as the Aventura comprises different centre- and shoulder tread compounds. The chained central section has a low rolling resistance compound, while the shoulder cleats have a softer compound to provide more grip whilst cornering. This is instrumental in making the model a true all-rounder.

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