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Repair Services


D'Ornellas Repair Services


Bike maintenance is a crucial aspect of owning a bike. Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your bike, ensure smooth riding, and keep you safe on the road. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to wear and tear on essential components, resulting in costly repairs and potential accidents. What we at D'Ornellas strive to do is ensure that your bike is safe and ready to go regardless if you are a bike enthusiast or the casual rider. 


Standard D'Ornellas Purchased Bicycles Full Tune-Up Package ($89.95)
All other Bicycles. ($99.95)

Recommended Interval: Every 10-12 months (or every 2,500km)
Includes the following:
Adjusting brakes | Adjusting shifting | Adjusting headset | Adjusting hubs | Adjust Bottom Bracket as needed | Truing front and rear wheels | Lubricating cables and housing as necessary | * Install Parts Is Extra *

Warranty Tune Up Service (FREE)

Offered to new bikes purchased from D'Ornellas Bike Shop up to a year following the original date of purchase 

Standard Overhaul Package $375.00  Special $225.00 (Oct 1-Feb28)

Recommended Interval: Every other year (or every 5,000km)
Standard Tune up Package plus:
Overhaul headset | Overhaul front and rear hubs | Overhaul bottom bracket | Intensive cleaning of frame, fork, and wheels and Drivetrain | Install new cables and housing *Also good for older bicycles that have not had a tune-up for a while | Drive train clean. Bike Wash Extra (Frame. ect) and will depend on condition   |* All Bearings (range of prices), Cables ($7 each), and Housing ($4 per foot) are extra *

Individual Services

Gear Adjustments $50

  • Front $25
  • Rear $25

Brake Service * Brake Pads Not Included *

  • Brake Bleed $50 Each
  • Installing Rim or Disc Brake Pads $20 Each
  • Adjusting Rim or Disc Brakes $25 Each 

Bottom Bracket Service $50 

Headset Service $50

Hub Service $50 Each 

Bike Assembly $150 Includes Tune Up 

Box Bike $75

Wheel Service

Flat Repair $20 (Tube not included)

  • Ebike $60 (Tube not included) * Call Shop To Confirm Pricing And Check Availability * 416-752-3838
  • Internal Hub $40 (Tube not included)

Wheel Hub Service $50 Each

True Wheel $40 (Dented or Twisted Wheels can't be trued)

Basic Wheel Build $95 and up

Carbon Aero Wheel Build $125 and up

DT Swiss Spokes $4.00 Each

Aero Spokes $10 and up

Spoke Calculations $40

Tubeless Setup $40 Each (Rim tape and sealant not included)

Cable Installation

Installing Cable and Housing $15

Cable $7 each

Housing $4 per foot

Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose $10 Per Foot

Accessory Installation

Training Wheels $50

Kickstands $20

Fenders $40 and up 

Lights $15 each

Racks Front or Rear $30 each

Saddles $20

Pedals $20

Handlebar Tape $30

Grips $20

Cleats on Shoes $20

Cutting Seatpost or Handlebar $20 

Computer Installation

  • Starting at $30


 Prices May Vary According to Labour and or Condition of Bicycle. Hourly Shop Service Rate is $90/hr

$10 Additional Labour Service Fee per Part Customer Supplies or that is Purchased Elsewhere.

Bicycles Will Be Repaired To Safe Working Condition Only!



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