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About us


Eon D'Ornellas:


Eon D’Ornellas has been riding since the age of fourteen. His accomplishments include four time Olympian and two time Canadian Road Racing Champion. His passion for cycling and over 40 years of hands on experience riding makes him an excellent resource for fitting and servicing bicycles and athletes. In addition to this, he has also serviced both Ironman and Half Iron Man races worldwide including the World Championships in Kona Hawaii.

Throughout the racing season, Eon can be found at many of the events located around Ontario and the United States. Eon is an active member of the D’Ornellas Cycling Club giving back to the cycling community. Eon feels that it’s important to stay in touch with all of his customers’ needs. Customers from across the province come to D’Ornellas Bike Shop just to purchase a bike from the shop. Come and find out WHY.

Neil, Shop Manager and Bike Fit Specialist:

Neil’s journey with cycling and D’Ornellas Bike Shop is truly inspiring. Starting from his first mountain bike purchase at the age of 14, to now being the store manager, his passion for the sport is evident. His exceptional customer service skills and attention to detail have earned him a reputation as one of the Toronto’s best bike fitters.

For anyone seeking the perfect bike with the perfect fit, Neil is indeed the go-to person. His story is a testament to the impact that a single bike purchase can have on a person’s life, igniting a lifelong passion for the sport and leading to a fulfilling career in the industry.

Lori-Ann D'Ornellas:


Lori-Ann D’Ornellas also known as "LA" is a passionate cyclist who loves riding bikes for fun, fitness and adventure. She is a bike enthusiast, a bike educator, and a bike advocate. She wants to inspire and encourage more women to ride bikes. She has been around cycling her entire life and LA uses her experience and knowledge to help people of all ages and abilities to discover the joy and benefits of cycling.

"Whether you're a kid learning to ride, cruising around the neighborhood, mixing it up in the peloton or riding in a triathlon, I've got a bike for you. I'm always grateful for the trust of our customers and honored to help create the magic that happens when a cyclist gets on their bike. I want people to feel the wind on their face and the exhilarating feelings of accomplishment knowing that their own two legs can take them on amazing adventures."

Lori-Ann has an honest and expert opinion on everything related to bikes, accessories and cycling apparel. She can help you find the best bike for your needs, the best gear for your comfort, and the best cycling routes for your enjoyment.

Come by the shop and see why we have been Scarborough, Toronto and the surrounding areas 'go-to shop' for over 35 years. LA will 'fill your soul cup' and share with you her passion, expertise, and advocacy for cycling. She will make you feel welcome, inspired, and empowered.

Robert (Ricky Bobby) Jensen, Senior Mechanic:

Bob’s extensive experience in the bike business, spanning over 45 years, is truly impressive. His expertise as a mechanic, honed by working on Eon’s bikes during his professional racing career, makes him an invaluable asset to D’Ornellas Bike Shop.

His passion for the intricate workings of bikes, the “wrench” as you put it, complements Eon’s passion for cycling perfectly. Bob’s skills and dedication have been instrumental in the shop’s success.

Bob’s reputation as one of the best, if not the best, wheel builders in the city is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and mastery of his craft. It’s clear that D’Ornellas customers have immense trust in Bob’s abilities, confident that there isn’t anything he can’t fix, as long as it’s indicated on the tag.

Kathy, Senior Mechanic:

Kathy is a trailblazing mechanic who has joined our team all the way from Colombia. At a young age she discovered that she has a natural talent for mechanics while working in her father's bike shop. After years of hard work and dedication, she opened her own shop, where she continued to push the boundaries and gender stereotypes in the bicycle industry. Sadly due to pandemic restrictions and supply issues in Colombia she had to close the shop. When one door closes another one opens! Kathy made the decision to move with her family to Canada for the next chapter in her story.

Kathy’s passion for cycling is infectious, and she’s always eager to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with others. Her quick mechanical skills landed her a spot as the support crew for multiple pro teams. She’s constantly training to be at the forefront of advances in bicycle technology, ensuring that she always provides the best technical service possible. 

" It was hard to leave my family in Colombia for a new life in Canada but joining the team at D'Ornellas makes me feel like part of a family here in Canada. D'Ornellas Bike Shop has lots of history in the cycling community and I'm excited to be part of it's future. "

Kathy will look after your bike with great precision. From bike service to custom builds she will make every experience feel like new bike day. Whether you need a tune-up or a makeover. Come by the shop and meet Kathy. "Todo bien Parcero!"

Lucas, Mechanic:

Lucas has been immersed in the world of bikes for over a decade. As a seasoned mechanic, he’s adept at diagnosing and fixing all sorts of two-wheeled wonders. Whether it’s a vintage cruiser or a sleek road bike, Lucas approaches each repair with precision and care.

When he’s not tinkering in the workshop, you’ll find Lucas out on the open road. He’s a road cycling enthusiast, gliding through scenic routes with the wind in his hair and the hum of rubber on pavement. But what truly ignites his passion is bike restoration. Lucas revels in breathing new life into old frames until they shine like gems.

So, if you’re ever in need of a bike fix or a friendly chat about all things cycling, seek out Lucas at the shop. His grease-stained hands and genuine smile are a testament to his love for bikes and the art of keeping them rolling smoothly.

Scott: Sales

Scott brings four years of industry experience to our team, and his commitment to community-building and helping others is truly commendable. With an inquisitive mind, he dives into challenges head-on, always seeking innovative solutions.

As a team player, he embodies the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie. Whether it’s a mountain biking adventure or a soccer match, Scott’s enthusiasm shines through.

His expertise extends to bike selection, and he has an uncanny ability to find the perfect fit for each rider. Scott’s passion for biking is evident, but his heart truly belongs to soccer. 

Scott’s dedication to our community and his knack for connecting people make him an invaluable asset. We’re thrilled to have him as part of our team!