About us


Eon D'Ornellas, Sales-Owner:


Eon D’Ornellas has been riding since the age of fourteen. His accomplishments include four time Olympian and two time Canadian Road Racing Champion. His passion for cycling and over 40 years of hands on experience riding makes him an excellent resource for fitting and servicing bicycles and athletes. In addition to this, he has also serviced both Ironman and Half Iron Man races worldwide including the World Championships in Kona Hawaii. Throughout the racing season, Eon can be found at many of the events located around Ontario and the United States. Eon is an active member of the D’Ornellas Cycling Club giving back to the cycling community. Eon feels that it’s important to stay in touch with all of his customers’ needs. Customers from across the province come to D’Ornellas Bike Shop just to purchase a bike from the shop. Come and find out WHY.



Neil, Manager:

When Neil was 14 years old he bought his first mountain bike from D’Ornellas Bike Shop. That began his love for the sport and his relationship with Eon and his store. Today Neil is the store manager. He is known to offer customer service second to none! Neil is well known across the industry for having a keen eye for detail, making him one of the city’s best bike fitters. For the perfect bike with the perfect fit, Neil is your man!



Robert (Ricky Bobby) Jensen, Head Mechanic:

Bob's history in the bike business goes back more than 40 years when he was the only mechanic Eon used to work on his own bikes as a professional racer. That's why when Eon opened his own bike shop over 15 years ago, it was Bob he brought on board to be in charge of the mechanical area. Where Eon is passionate about cycling, Bob is passionate about the grease that is working on bikes. Bob has a reputation for being one of the best wheel builders in the city - if not the best. All D'Ornellas customers will agree that there isn't anything Bob can't fix as long as it says so on the TAG .



Lori-Ann D'Ornellas,Women’s Cycling Fashionista :

Lori-Ann has been around cycling her entire life. Weekends as a child were always spent at races cheering on her father and his teammates. Over the years, woman’s cycling and athletic attire has changed dramatically. There has been a shift from simply functional to functional and stylish. As an individual that can appreciate athletic attire, whether for cycling, working out or daily functions as a mom, she will make sure you get the right fit for your needs. Lori-Ann always says “if you look good you feel good and if you feel good you go faster!”..




Kathy, Mechanic:




CJ , Special Events & Racing Specilaist:



Kerry,D'Ornellas Bike Club Specialist:

Work at the shop with the team to keep the place looking tidy. Provide support for women shoppers as well as talking up the club.


Diane , Shoe/Foot  Specialist: