Continental Grand Prix 5000 TL + Black Chili

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Tires might be an afterthought to most but they have a major impact on your bike's ride quality and efficiency. Tires can be designed for different functions. Some tires are built for long distance and puncture protection, and some tires are built for racing. The Continental Grand Prix 5000 Road Tire is one of the best allrounder tires which allows riders to ride faster, and the tire is more comfortable and with increased puncture protection. It features BlackChili which is a tread compound that balances grip and rolling resistance. Vectran is the puncture protection inside the tire that is more flexible and protects more effectively. The TL version of the Grand Prix 5000 is tubeless ready, which means once set up tubeless, you can run your tires with lower tire pressures for a smoother ride and fewer puncture flats thanks to the tubeless sealant.


  • Active Comfort Technology absorbs vibrations and smoothens your ride
  • Lazer Grip provides outstanding cornering
  • Vectran provides exceptional puncture protection
  • Tubeless ready for lower tire pressure and a smoother ride
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